The gut and liver are directly connected via the portal vein. To have healthy detoxification, the gut barrier needs to be strong so that unwanted substances do not leak into the bloodstream and overburden our most vital detoxification organ, the liver.

Liver Cells & The Portal Vein
The gut and liver are connected via portal circulation and influence each other through the metabolites they produce.

The Gut-Liver Axis

The liver is the body’s filter for all unwanted substances. In fact, when the digestive process is completed, all nutrients (and uneliminated toxins) get passed straight from the large intestine to the liver via the portal vein. This complex interplay between the large intestine and the liver is referred to as the gut-liver axis.

When the Gut Becomes Leaky

When the intestinal barrier becomes compromised, toxins, bacteria, and undigested food particles escape into the bloodstream. This can trigger inflammation and contribute to autoimmune conditions, allergies, and chronic fatigue. The integrity of the gut lining is therefore crucial for maintaining liver health. When the gut is not playing its part in properly eliminating unwanted substances, the liver can become overburdened, thus impacting liver function and metabolism.

Replenish the Gut Barrier, Feel the Difference

Strengthening and maintaining a healthy gut barrier is essential for proper detoxification. This can be achieved through a diet rich in fiber and essential nutrients that support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. These dietary changes can help reduce inflammation, fortify the gut's lining, and improve its barrier function. Additionally, probiotic and prebiotic supplements support the gut barrier, improving digestion, energy levels, and overall health.

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