High Performance Probiotics: Why Strain Significance, Synergy, and Survival Make All the Difference

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We take probiotics for a reason, and expecting measurable results is in no way asking too much. Knowing the right questions to ask to identify a high performance probiotic formulation can mean the difference between positive health results and money, quite literally, flushed down the toilet.

The Promise of Probiotics

The human body is a veritable ecosystem, playing host to trillions of microorganisms. The majority of them live in your gut, where they have a direct impact on your health. To keep this microbiome happy and thriving, we turn to probiotic supplements, which are themselves living microorganisms like bacteria and yeast. The benefits of probiotics — healthy digestion! Reduced bloat and constipation! Improve immune function! Robust metabolism! Even enhanced mood and memory!! — have been firmly established, but different probiotic organisms have different strengths and although some can work together to address specific health needs, not any old probiotic will do the trick.

The more you understand about probiotic development — strain significance, synergy, and survival — the more likely you will select a high performance brand that works best for you.

Strain Significance: Identifying the Workers

Much like the differences among dog breeds, within each species of bacteria comes a multitude of strains, some of which are strong and resilient, and some that are weak. Because there is such variability, bacterial strains need to be analyzed to determine their significance as a probiotic. From strengthening the gut barrier and reducing inflammation, to supporting immune response, inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, eliminating toxins, and promoting neurotransmitter production, each strain has different talents. Identifying their individual significance allows the manufacturer to formulate a balanced, high performance blend with specific health advantages. Anything less defeats the purpose of taking a probiotic supplement, so this process is what sets apart the good stuff from the meh.

Omni-Biotic, a well-studied line of indication-targeted probiotics, is one of just a handful that are truly committed to the highest quality, research, and evidence standards. And identifying strain significance is the first step. Omni-Biotic’s human-source probiotics (ahem, a reference to beneficial bacteria that have been found to live and thrive in the human digestive tract — not human-derived ingredients) are closely evaluated from the laboratory level to identify characteristics and strengths. Omni-Biotic understands exactly where its strains excel, and they formulate products to take advantage of that.

Strain Synergy: Creating a High Performance Environment

When it comes to probiotics, the idea that more is better persists. After all, wouldn’t a high dose, multi-strain probiotic cover all the bases? Actually, no. Just as your gut microbiome is unique, so are your probiotic needs. Different bacteria have different strengths which can be enhanced by or diminished by other strains and ingredients in any given probiotic formula. The real magic happens when you get the right strains, in the right amounts, in the right synergistic blend.

"Our (probiotic) recommendations are based on levels shown to be effective in clinical trials."

-Daniel Merenstein, MD Georgetown University Medical Center

That’s why every Omni-Biotic’s probiotic formulation is based on the exact combination and concentration shown to be effective in clinical trials. In other words, these probiotics are designed, developed, tested and then re-tested to ensure a uniquely effective product for specific health challenges. All you need to do is find the specific blend that best addresses your needs. With its range of probiotic supplements that target stress, boost immunity, support liver function and detoxification, and more, Omni-Biotic makes that part easy too.

Strain Survival: Staying Alive

The third critical piece of probiotic puzzle is to ensure strains survive so they can do their job. Omni-Biotic survival testing makes certain that your probiotics will stay potent and effective not only on their journey through the gastric environment, but for their full stated shelf life. This should be standard practice but it’s not necessarily the case, which makes this another instance in which Omni-Biotic showcases its commitment to quality. As an added bonus, unlike some probiotics, Omni-Biotic’s formulations are stable at room temperature — no refrigeration needed. Very convenient.

High Performance Probiotics: Because You Deserve It

There’s no shortage of probiotic supplements on the market, but be very clear — they’re not all created equal. With its laboratory screening, pre-clinical analyses, clinical trials, and multiple rounds of testing for everything from strain significance to gastric survivability, Omni-Biotic is deeply invested in quality, research, and most importantly, performance. And that’s saying a lot.

Opting for a proven line from a company committed to the highest standards is the best way to ensure you aren’t wasting time or money on probiotics that aren’t doing you any good.

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