Our gut microbiome needs balance and diversity in order to support healthy digestion and overall body function.

Bifidobacteria (Good Gut Bacteria)
Members of the genus Bifidobacterium were among the earliest microbes to colonize the human gastrointestinal tract, making them a foundational presence in the gut microbiome.

A Thriving Gut Microbiome

Research shows that a thriving gut microbiome with bacterial balance and diversity contributes to health, whereas a depleted and imbalanced gut microbiome is associated with many forms of disease. Signs of a stressed-out gut include diarrhea, bloating, skin flare-ups, low energy, weight gain, as well as headaches and joint pain.

Stressors on Your Gut

Everyday factors, such as stress, certain medications, travel and food-borne illness can deplete our gut microbiome. This creates an environment that is more prone to the overgrowth of pathogens and subsequent infection, such as from the dangerous C.diff bacteria. Think about it like a depleted ecosystem, where no life can flourish and there is room for “bottom feeders” and unwanted invaders to thrive.

Omni-Biotic to the Rescue

A very effective and seamless way to replenish the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria which we need to live well and long is to regularly take a probiotic supplement.

Omni-Biotic AB 10 is designed to restore healthy bacterial diversity in the gut, and is clinically shown to reduce loose stool and risk of developing a secondary infection, like C. Diff.

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Omni-Biotic is committed to a 3-part probiotic philosophy: