Nurturing the gut microbiome during the pregnancy journey is foundational for the health and well-being of both mother and baby.

Genes & the Microbiome Research shows that pathogens in the gut can damage DNA, making a healthy gut microbiome essential to genome integrity.

The Gut During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s gut microbiome changes considerably from the first to the third trimester, with an overall reduction in bacterial diversity. These changes have been associated with a variety of undesirable effects, including constipation and weakened immunity. The placenta, as well as the mother’s gut and vaginal microbiomes, influence the development of the baby’s gut microbiome.

The Baby’s Microbiome

When a baby is born, their gut microbiome is not yet fully developed. Infants may also struggle with digestive issues such as 3-month colic and reflux. A little help building a balanced and diverse gut microbiome can go a long way. Research has shown that a lack of diversity in the gut microbiome can impact immune function, and increase susceptibility to allergies and digestive issues later in life.

Our Probiotic Pregnancy Program

A premium probiotic supplement supports mom’s gut health, digestion, and immune function, as well as the overall health of her baby.

 We’ve created this guide to highlight which of our products will best support mom and baby during each phase of pregnancy and postpartum:

1st & 2nd Trimester: Omni-Biotic Balance

Supports digestive comfort and function, and a balanced immune system.

3rd Trimester: Omni-Biotic Panda

Supports microbiome diversity, healthy digestion, and robust immune function.

Postpartum for Mom & Partner: Omni-Biotic Stress Release

Promotes the body’s resilience in times of stress, while improving digestive comfort and function.

For Baby Up to Three Years Old: Omni-Biotic Panda

Alleviates symptoms of 3-month colic and supports healthy development of gut microbiome and immune system.

All Prenatal and Baby products

Omni-Biotic is committed to a 3-part probiotic philosophy: